Rajender Kumar
A lot is being taught to students in the places of education but a little is being learnt by them. It is because neither they are ready nor eager to learn but they are being compelled to do so. Moreover they don't know why and for what are they getting this education? Thus learing is no more interesting or a joyful experience for them but a total boredom and an uninteresting event. Here at SPS INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY, all our teachers and our most learned management are leaving no stone unturned to make this learing a joyful interesting and fascinating experience for our young scholors. With the help of different well designed academic and non-academic acitivities, an excellent environment is being created where a student can push his learning horizon as per his will. We provide enough opportunity to our students to understand that only man is born with possibilities other animals are not. A student may rise on his life scale, from zero to hero or begger to bureaucrat or poverty to properity. Here, teachers serve as guides or mentors to encourage these learners to achieve their goals with flying colours. Students are told that nobody passes an none fails but one learns early and the other learns late. All this happens because of the efforts made by the very individual. Our only motto is to make our students feel or understand that life is a continuous journey and during the journey, there may be some obstacles or problems but solution to them is always with the individual. To find out the key to the problems in life is a manifold skill that every student has to be learning with the potential lies in him/her till the end of the journey.How can the books written in the past can give the answers of the questions in present. Every one of us has to learn, since life is always new so will be its problems and their solutions.

Our School Team Leaders